We are a dynamic team of specialists, with a passion for people. We listen to understand and build solutions around corporate needs.


  • Zeal offers a variety of HR outsourced services, with specialists across South Africa
  • We build long term, genuine customer relationships
  • Client satisfaction in terms of excellence and service delivery is our first priority
  • We abide by ethical work practices
  • We are focused on quality over quantity




We are a dynamic team of Human Resource specialists providing consulting and outsourced solutions. We thrive on synergy so that our clients can focus on their core activities.





To have our reputation of excellence, prime expertise and integrity brand us as leaders in the HR industry.





Excellence. Integrity. Professionalism. Authentic relationships.

Industry experience



Engineering | Manufacturing | FMCG | Aviation | Consulting

Construction and Turnkey Solutions | Sales and Marketing

Hospitality Services | Healthcare and Medical | Information Technology and Development | Logistics | Warehousing and Procurement

Health and Safety | Accounting  | Banking | Mining