Callista Greeff



Callista has been working in the recruitment industry for over 10 years, after completing a B.Com Human Resource Management Degree. Since then she has grown in her passion for strategic consulting and continued in the field by completing an Honours degree in Strategic Management. She loves meeting new people and sees challenges as opportunities for fresh perspective, which is where Zeal HR was born. She saw a gap in the market for strategic HR and business partners and offering more than just a short term recruitment service. She envisions empowering employees and clients alike to create a favorable environment for growth in a business and a personal sense. She believes in quality over quantity and enjoys building relationships and matching scarce skills with the correct culture, as opposed to just filling a seat. She loves the African Proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

Letitia van Staden




Letitia is an HR and Recruitment Consultant with four years’ experience in Human Resources and 6 years’ experience in recruitment. In her corporate experience she gained knowledge and a vast interest for tasks related to Human Resources. Her interest and studies in Psychology promotes a realistic approach to Human Resources when it comes to working with a company’s biggest asset - the Human Capital. She also completed a Diploma in Labour Relations Management which allows her to approach all HR-related tasks with legislation and labour relations in mind.


Letitia’s approach and working methods encourage and value relationships - relationship between us and the client, as well as relationship between employer and employee. Her interest and knowledge in leadership and management principles gives her the advantage in handling processes and people simultaneously. One of her favourate sayings is: "Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value,” by Albert Einstein.

Cathy van der Merwe




Cathy is an HR and Recruitment Consultant with over a decade's in-depth HR experience. She was appointed as Recruitment Manager and HR Generalist at some of South Africa's leading universities, which gave her exposure to training, induction programs, 360 degree recruitment, job description writing, performance management, job evaluations, labour relations as well as HR related legislation.


Her two Honours' degrees, one in HR Management and the other in Corporate Communication, allows her to view projects from a variety of angles. She has a passion for recruitment and headhunting and has been involved with several international clients on a variety of HR/recruitment related ventures. Cathy places high value on networking, which enables her to stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry. In her spare time she writes blogs on HR matters.

Her motto is 'Carpe diem' and she welcomes adventure!

Etrechia Olivier




Etrechia is a registered Psychometrist with over a decade’s experience gained in various aspects of Talent Management. Her journey has led her to work across industries and levels, adding value with a professional, engaging and positive learning attitude. Business issues are at their heart talent issues. Etrechia believes success comes from integrating people, processes and technology and strives to enhance client’s business performance through elevating their recruitment and development practices. Guided by a holistic, agile business strategy and people management approach, she aims to also empower her team to continue offering the best products and services.

Theo Louw




Theo is a seasoned Labour Relations Specialist with 17 years experience, managing the application of the Labour Relations Act within various disciplinary processes. He has chaired well over 1000 hearings as well as numerous conciliations and arbitrations at the CCMA as well as bargaining Council level. He is skilled in simplifying complex labour disputes to really focus on the core issues and application of the applicable acts. He consults in various industries and offer training in practical Labour matters to corporate and individual clients. He is passionate about helping people and thrives under pressure. Bring your most difficult IR issues, put him to the test!

Maryke Brassel



Maryke has been working in the recruitment industry for more than a decade and has in-depth knowledge of recruitment processes and have developed a real passion for the recruitment and HR industry as a whole and anything to do with technology.   She loves meeting new people and investing in long term relationships and uses challenges to grow.  She thrives on making a difference on all levels and believes in personal integrity and being authentic.  She delivers quality of service and always keen to learn new things.

Samantha Kartsounis



Samantha is a registered Industrial Psychologist and Psychometrist with over 10 years general HR experience. Starting off her career in France and working for a multi-national company has given Samantha the ability to think on a global level and to provide the best Human Resource Solution.


Her experience in the Banking, Electrical and Consulting Industries has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in the recruitment and people development space. Sam has also worked extensively on the Peoplesoft HR system and deployed various projects in streamlining the HR business to the rest of the organization.


Having a BCOM background assists Sam in aligning the business and people needs through the various HR interventions specifically within the Performance Management function.

Samantha has a passion for career counselling and can offer both a narrative and psychometric approach to those searching for their “ultimate career”.

Nita Müssmann



Nita initially started working in the Public Relations industry after completing her Diploma in Public Relations. Thereafter she pursued a career in recruitment and has never looked back! She has gained most of her experience in the medical field, but has been working in other fields the past year including Finance, General Administration, Engineering, Sales and Construction. She is passionate about relationships and loves taking up new challenges. She strongly believes research is key, understanding the company culture and the people you work with is of the utmost importance. She is committed to making sure the client and the candidate is the perfect long-term fit and will go out of her way to deliver efficient and quality service.

Deidre Jordaan



Deidre is a born and bred Recruiter! She is quick off the mark and understands the industries she works with in order to make better matches. She has been working in the recruitment industry for 14 years and has specialised experience across various industries including IT, Finance, Engineering, FMCG as well as Manufacturing and Production. She is passionate about people, building long-term relationships and making a difference by helping others. She loves being part of a growing team, working hard and having fun in the process. She welcomes a challenge and the opportunity to learn something new.